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Alex buhyung Lee
founder & general partner

“Community 2.0 is Key to the Future.” 
Former CSO of blockchain business development at Asian Boss, an independent media startup focusing on genuine Asia experience. Experience in a multitude of community building and operations. Specialized in “mindful investing”, an original method of investing that focuses on both financial and mental wellness.

In charge of community building, financial coaching, and investment managing

Beam park

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” 

Vice-president of KakaoBrain. Ex co-founder and CSO of Find-us. Experience in VC, PE, and consulting in companies including KakaoVentures, D.CAMP, and NP Equity Partners. 

Full-spectrum consulting and review of startup deal sourcing and investment acquiring process.

matthew Bae

“Joined the team to stay ahead of the curve with reliable people who recognize my values.” 

Technical Program Manager @ ASML Former Software / Machine Learning Engineer @ Google Former Robotics Product Manager MBA, Information Technology Management UCSD, Electrical Computer Engineering / Physics 

IT business counseling, large-scale software program/product launch, KPOP entertainment partner connections, data analysis, IR strategies, semiconductor trend analysis, and product/service development.


“Adding value to the promising companies with investment is truly something special.” 

Marketing division lead at Mathpresso. Proven career record in the marketing field from SK Communications to eBay Korea and growcorp. 

Ready for marketing and business planning in various medium from social media to commerce platforms.

JH Yun

“Want to be a part of the new millionaire fastlane in an ever-changing environment.” 

Solutions Architect at Dell Technologies. 

counseling for building IT infrastructure.

alice lee

“Wondering what the future of the credit-based community will be.” 

Assistant professor at UNIST.

Counseling in the sector of healthcare and AI.

sh choi

“From Seed to Whale.” 

Founder & CEO of CodeSoom, a programming boot camp startup combined with a member-operated community. Former software developer at fintech insurance company microprotect (R3TURNS). 

In charge of product development, service launching, team building, and connecting developers to portfolio companies.

jh namkung

“The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” 

Founder of Headless. The former head of business development at JJglobalgroup. The former head of business development at SuperHolic. Ex-founder of StrongEgg co-operative. 

Capable of providing full-cycle business development from branding to IR strategies.

jean lee

“Doctor, Blogger, Creator, and a Quant Investor” 

Working as a representative of toxnfill (medical beauty specialist company) Uijeongbu City and MoneyFlow (financial online class platform) Renowned instructor of algorithmic trading in major online learning platforms 

In charge of operating financial classes and coaching


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Addr. Seoul, Korea
Biz License 393-44-00435